Welcome to MAYISM (pronounced MY-ISM).  So right now you’re probably wondering how I came up with that. "May" stands for my name and “ism” is a suffix that loosely means “idealogy.” You’ll usually find “ism” at the end of words with negative connotations like racism, sexism, or gangsterism.  I can assure you that Mayism is associated with none of those things.  Mayism is simply my view of the world around me.

I love pop culture. You could even call me obsessed. I've always been a curious person and I'm fascinated with people and how they interact. It's no wonder that I grew up engrossed in books, magazines and television; it gave me insight into worlds I wouldn't have known otherwise.

In college, I discovered Women's Studies; courses dedicated to better understanding race, class, and gender; how they are all connected and how they affect our lives. It wasn't long before I found myself performing in my school's production of The Vagina Monologues and proclaiming my status as a feminist. With this newfound knowledge, I continued to be consumed with pop culture only now, I couldn't look at it quite the same. Don't get me wrong; I was still equally as obsessed with E! News, America's Next Top Model and Mad Men. The only difference was that I now I understood the underlying messages behind the media I consumed.

My hope with Mayism is to discuss pop culture from the perspective of a young, Black, feminist woman. Much like Sway, I won't [always] have the answers but that will not stop me from trying to decipher what is going in this crazy, scary, exciting world we live in. Stick with me on this journey and we can all learn a thing or two.