Andi's The Bachelorette

ABC I’m a new fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. It all began last season with "Juanuary". The endless promotion of the Bachelor was enough to make me give in and watch America’s number one dating reality show. After the catastrophe of Juan Pablo’s season, Andi, a twenty-something lawyer walked away as a woman scorned and a fan favorite. The beautiful brunette is hot in a universal way that appeals to both men and women (think J-Lo or Beyoncé). I was totally digging her ombre even though the hair trend is totally passé.

Andi’s quest for love got off to a glum start, when host Chris Harrison dedicated the season to Eric Hill, a contestant who died shortly after taping the show.

Still, Andi is definitely living the charmed life. She’s been traveling the world for the past six months and now she’s getting all the attention she never got from Juan Pablo.

Here are some of my key observations for the season premiere of The Bachelorette:


Intros:  Although the majority of the men were attractive and seemed normal enough, there’s something creepy about a group of men vying for one woman. During the guys’ introductions, there was a lot of hesitation and awkward embraces as Andi kept telling telling the suitors, “I’m a hugger!”

The Hottest: Chris the farmer appeals to her country girl side. His eyes are dreamy and his shoe size is a 13. ‘Nuff said.

Jerk Alert: Taso looks like your typical B.S.’er. He recreated Paris’ Lover’s Bridge by placing a lock on the ledge in front the front house and throwing the key in the fountain with Andi. Sweet? More like scheming! He’s got a cockiness that I’m not feeling.


Personal Favorite: Marquel. Maybe I’m a bit biased due to the fact that he is the token the black guy this season but he’s suave. Andi said he had certain “swag” to him and when he handed her a black and white cookie during his specially planned cookie tasting (!) I swooned.

Sassy Andi: Personal trainer Cody decided to make his grand entrance by pushing the limo. He introduced himself to Andi as a trainer but she didn’t seem too impressed—she called him out for being out of breath. These fellas need to come correct!

A is for ‘Anal’: Emil, the helicopter pilot was giving me Don Draper hotness for the five seconds before he opened his mouth to give his introduction.  To clarify the pronunciation of his name he told Andi it’s “anal with an ‘M’.” Plus, his favorite type of dancing is twerking. Next!

Budding Bromance: On shows like these, it’s easy for contenders to begin to fraternize. Andrew and Patrick’s blossoming friendship may get murky as they get further into the competition.

Evacuate the Premises: A former Bachelorette contestant crashes the party and Andi turns him down—this is why Andi gets all my respect! The dude came determined to join the cast but this season Andi is getting her way!


Eric the Explorer: I wasn’t sure how they would handle the sudden death of the Bachelorette contestant. Part of me figured they would edit him out and after watching him on tonight’s episode, I really wish they had. We already know that Andi let him go early on in the season really but to see him charming her that first night pulled on my heart-strings. Hearing him talks about 2 year project, exploring the world, was especially sad.

Hanson Brothers: What’s up with these dudes with the shaggy 90’s cuts? Great minds think alike; Andi got rid of those teeny-boppers in a hot minute!

Last Minute Confessions: Josh, a regular guy who just fell under the radar was let go tonight and expressed all the feelings that anyone would feel being eliminated before the show has even really began. He’s embarrassed and suddenly this whole thing is stupid and a friend put him up to it. Well, Josh, at least you have your vacation time!