New Season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Three

So what does it take to get me to write a new blog post? It took three baby mamas, a female rapper and a Puerto Rican Princess for me to get back to Mayism!

Tonight was the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, undoubtedly VH1’s most popular reality show. It’s about C-List celebs loosely connected to the music industry. (Although most of the time I have to remind myself of who the hell these people are.) Anyone who watches knows that LHHATL is less about hip-hop and more about straight up ignorance.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, usually reserved for lazy days when I have time to catch up on the scripted craziness of this “reality” show.  But once word got out about Mimi Faust’s “leaked” sex tape, I knew I’d be tuning in live to see what Black Twitter had to say about this new season of ratchetroisty.

Each season the weaves get longer and the love triangles get messier!

Mimi Faust is still holding on to Nikko, the corny dude who bought her a fake Rolex last season. Watching her lie on that bed in the cheetah get up and talk about their sex life was bad but seeing her fake shock and dismay after learning their sex tape had been stolen was even worse. (And since when is MediaTakeout a valid source of information? They must've paid for those plugs!)

Rasheeda had her baby and (Surprise!) her husband Kirk is back in the house and taking care of his responsibilities. Erica is easily the most likeable of the cast but is also the most boring. Her new boo is a “super sexy redbone” and she's totally done with Scrappy. Honestly, she’s too damn smart for the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

Meanwhile, Scrappy (about 20 pounds heavier and rocking a nose ring) is on to the next VH1 groupie. This season it’s Bambi (from Basketball Wives L.A.) and it’s the same recycled storyline. Scrappy can’t keep it in his pants and Momma Dee won’t stay out of his love life. Following the trend is rapper Waka Flocka and his baby mom’s/fiancé. When will these girls learn?

The most dramatic change of the new season is Joseline Hernandez AKA “The Puerto Rican Princess”. She’s gone from being a homeless prostitute to a happily married woman and in the season premiere wouldn’t let us forget it. I can’t even count the amount of times she referred to Stevie J. as her husband. Of course, we know their story won’t end with a happy ending. I’ll be keeping tabs just to see the ish hit the fan.

Mondays at 8 PM on VH1.