Online Dating Rituals of the American Male


It sounds like the title to a boring Sociology paper but Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is actually Bravo’s exciting new docu-series that chronicles dudes in the online dating world. Just a decade ago, online dating was viewed as taboo. It was for the lower echelons of society; the guys in their thirties still living in their mother’s basement and the self-loathing women who settled for them. Today, people who were once ashamed to admit they met their most recent hookups through the web, are proudly boasting of their luck, navigating through the crazy world of online dating. Whether it’s through Facebook, Tinder or more formal sites like, Millennials and Baby Boomers alike are looking for love online.

The series premiere of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male begins with Marcus and Alex, two single men who couldn’t be more opposite.


Marcus is a hopeless romantic. Buff, bald and artsy with a corny sense of humor, he’s the nice guy. (Translation: Snoozefest!)

While I enjoy a good love story, I like my reality television to be a bit more dysfunctional. People will definitely tune into ODRAM for the Alex’s.

Alex is the self-proclaimed player. Once the fat kid, he’s dropped the pounds and now wants to make up for all the rejection he once faced, by hooking up with any woman who will have him. No, seriously. Alex, who goes by the screen name of PrimeTime99 on his dating profiles, claims to have dated a deaf girl, an amputee and a little person. He signed up for Christian Mingle because, “Church girls are the biggest freaks.” He proves he’s down with the sistas when he admits to creating an account on Black People Meet.


His desperation reaches a new low when he goes from skeevy to straight pervert, grabbing a girl’s butt on the first date. Still, it’s surprising for all parties involved when Alex ends the episode with the promise of a second date with a hot model.

While the show lacks any true depth, it’s always gratifying to see the sheer disappointment on a man’s face when he realizes that his date looks nothing like her profile pic. If anything, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is a look into (what I'd like to think is) a small percentage of the male population.

Catch the show on Thursdays at 10/9c.