So… About Last Night


PSA: What’s up, beautiful people? I have to start this off with a heartfelt apology. This is definitely the longest I’ve gone without posting. It hasn’t been due to a lack of motivation or inspiration. Life has just been hectic. Between this snow, freelance assignments and the fact that I’m moving in with my fiancée in two weeks (!)… Life’s just been real.

So, I’m back on this lovely Valentine’s Day Eve to talk to you guys about last night. No, Mayism didn’t turn into a personal blog where I discuss my sex life; I’m talking About Last Night, the 2014 Kevin Hart reboot as well as the 1986 version starring baby cougar Demi Moore and the delicious Rob Lowe.

I had the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of About Last Night (2014) a few weeks ago and it was … interesting. I’ll give you the premise of the film. Danny (Michael Ealy) is a hot, sensitive guy with a misogynist best friend named Bernie (Kevin Hart). Bernie hooks up with Joan (Regina Hall), a sassy dentist. Joan has a friend named Debbie, who she introduces to the guys. After a quick hook up, and a romantic, John Legend-fueled montage, Danny and Debbie (Joy Bryant) become an item and move in together. Only after Danny and Debbie shack up, do they realize that it takes a lot more than sex, to keep a relationship.

83fb53e00573223f7ec842207852427eAs a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie/nerd, I pride myself in having extensive knowledge of television shows and movies. But I’ll be honest; I initially had no idea that this was a remake. When I found out, I vowed to watch the original before going to see this newest version.

I appreciated how director Steve Pink took this inherently White 80’s movie and made it into a modern film that depicted the love lives of four young Black professionals. While they transported the setting from Chicago to Los Angeles, they kept the essence of the film.  It was sprinkled with cutesy, memorable quotes from the original. (i.e. when Debbie describes her first night with Danny as a “slice of heaven” or when Danny offers to give her place to put a few of her things, she retorts, “A whole drawer?”) I especially loved when Debbie and Danny watched the original About Last Night while eating Chinese… nekkid.

In an unfortunate departure from the original, the blue-eyed Michael Ealy doesn’t strip down nearly enough. In exchange for blatant nudity, the 2014 About Last Night is filled with hilariously crude jokes and naughty language. Michael Ealy’s Danny is equally as sexy as Rob Lowe’s, but far more earnest. I could practically feel his love --and lust-- for Debbie through the screen. However, the relationship felt one-sided at times. I just wasn’t buying Joy Bryant’s Debbie. Although I love her in Parenthood (definitely a Netflix binge-worthy series), her chemistry with Ealy was only lukewarm.


Kevin Hart as the snide Ernie, worked, although at times he was too animated. His acting felt forced, and I had the aching feeling that he didn’t believe in the script and leaned too much on physical comedy. However, his chemistry with Regina Hall (of Scary Movie, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Best Man fame) was undeniable.

I watch films to be entertained. Sometimes movies confirm my beliefs about the world and sometimes I gain a new perspective. The About Last Night films comment on relationships and co-habitating.  They are both hilarious and blatantly honest about love and sex.  This Valentine’s Day weekend, commit to watching both the original and the remake. Both are “date-night” worthy!