Gabrielle Union Becomes Mary Jane

“I’ve done everything right. What do I have to show for being a ‘good girl’?” – Mary Jane

Tonight marked the series premiere of BET's Being Mary Jane starring the highly underrated actress Gabrielle Union. The series chronicles the life of Mary Jane Paul, a successful news anchor whose personal life is bursting at the seams. With needy family members, a suicidal friend, and a love triangle, MJ's life is filled with toxic relationships.

Everything about this show is right! The writing is smart, the characters are  complex and Mary Jane's wardrobe could compete with Olivia Pope's. Even the soundtrack is thoughtful and matched seamlessly to each scene.

Without a doubt, the most talked about scene of the night involved Mary Jane and her boyfriend's wife.  The Mrs. bombarded Mary Jane with questions about sex with her husband in a scene that was uncomfortable and downright juicy. (When you feel compelled to ask your husband's mistress how often she's orgasmed, you know you've gone to the point of no return.)

Of course, I can’t proceed without addressing the baby in the room. So by now we’ve all heard the scandalous news involving the gorgeous Gabrielle Union and her philandering fiancée, NBA super star Dwayne Wade. If you’ve been too busy recouping from the Holidays, I’ll fill you in.

The Wade-Unions made a show of solidarity preceding news of Dwayne's infidelity.

Last week it was revealed that Wade fathered a child with Aja Metoyer (baby mama of Damon Wayans, Jr.) this past November. Apparently, Union was aware of the child’s existence and reports say the couple were “on break” (whatever that means) when the baby boy was conceived. But wait! We weren’t done cooing over the couple’s lovely family Christmas card or Pinning Gabbie’s stunning 8.5 carat engagement ring to our Wedding boards. I was ready to declare them one of my fave celeb couples, right alongside Beyonce & Jay-Z!

Could the engagement be a way to pacify Gabbie? Did the ordeal bring the couple closer? Did Gabbie stage an interrogation of her own? We have no way of knowing what drama took place in the Wade-Union home the night that secret was revealed.

What 's undeniable is the irony of Union's current situation and the drama she portrays on the BET drama Being Mary JaneCould Gabbie, 41, be trying to avoid the fate of the character she portrays? (A woman who has become so consumed with her career that she failed to make time for a love life.)

Which storyline is juicier: Mary Jane’s or Gabrielle’s? Sound off!