Netflix's Hidden Gems


Hello readers! I hope your holidays were splendid! I had a nice break that included one on one time with my Netflix account.  In order to feel productive I decided to sit through dozens of films and television shows that should never have made it to the masses, let alone my Macbook screen, in an effort to give you a small (yet qualitative) list of Netflix’s hidden gems! You’re welcome.

Extreme Cheapskates


Ever seen Extreme Couponing? Well, the people featured on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates put those penny pinchers to shame. In fact, their obsession with saving a penny (literally) often borders on insanity. There’s the woman who haggled a baker into reconstructing old cake slices into a Frankenstein cake for her son’s birthday party at a discounted price. And who could forget the guy who walks up to fellow diners to ask for their leftovers? You’ll be grossed out and weirdly in awe of what people will do to cut back on the costs of living.



A good documentary has the power to make you want to change the world. This gripping exposé about SeaWorld’s mistreatment of its killer whales left me enraged.  Turns out that it doesn’t take a whole lot of credentials to become a SeaWorld trainer. Even more shockingly, the documentary reveals that whales who have killed trainers are still being showcased in SeaWorld parks! But the trainers and the whales aren’t to blame… all signs points back to a greedy corporation.

Four Weddings


Alas, another TLC gem because no one throws shade better than a bride competing against other brides for a free honeymoon. Four women attend each other’s weddings and rate them. Based on some fancy algorithm that’s supposed to make the judging fair, the couple with the best wedding, walk away with bragging rights and an all-expense paid vacation. Of course, the women get petty and start deducting points for things like too much food. Oh, and the one who complains the most about everyone else’s wedding usually has the tackiest one. Enjoy!



This 90’s sitcom was the brainchild of Muppets creator Jim Henson. It takes place in prehistoric times and chronicles the life of dinosaur Earl Sinclair and his family. Yeah they’re puppets but I promise you, this show isn’t as elementary as it seems.  Although some situations in Dinosaurs are downright ridiculous, many aren't that farfetched. There’s plenty of underlying social commentary that’ll make you rethink “societal norms.” The toxic world the Sinclair's are a part of make you realize there’s no way a society like that could’ve withstood the test of time and our world today is vastly similar … hmm.

Law & Order: SVU


Who doesn't recognize that funky guitar stringed theme song? And any true SVU fan knows that it's the best out of the Law & Order franchise. While the newest eps are 'aiight,' I'm not sure any of us have recovered from Stabler's absence. Of course, the show would be nothing without kick-ass Detective Olivia Benson who always shows compassion for the "special victims." Sure you can catch a marathon on USA but it seems they rotate the same batch of episodes. Find the missing holes in your SVU catalogue on Netflix!

Want a longer list? Buzzfeed has a good list of new additions to Netflix's 2014 repertoire. Complex has a definitive list of 100 movies  to stream on Netflix as well. Happy watching!