While You Were Sleeping… Bey Was Killing the Competition!

Happy Friday, the 13th! While you were sleeping, Queen Bey was busy dropping her fifth album exclusively on iTunes! I was working on an article about last night’s Scandal when THIS popped up on my timeline. Without a second thought, I dropped everything and downloaded Beyoncé, The Visual Album! It comes complete with 14 tracks and 17 music videos, for all the Bey Stans to devour from now until forever! I got zero sleep and have no regrets.The Beyhive has been waiting for this since at least the Superbowl halftime. She told us patience is a virtue. While we had no true teasers, the payout was truly rewarding. Without promotion, and almost no leaks, Mrs. Carter managed to create an entire album without media speculation or hype. A creative move like this is unprecedented among mainstream artists. With star collaborators including Drake, Frank Ocean and Blue Ivy (yes—THAT Blue Ivy) Beyoncé proves that she is indeed a grown woman, and can do WHATEVER she wants!


Without further ado, let me introduce my favorite tracks, although honestly, they're all worth your attention.

Ghost Like nothing you've ever heard from the H-Town beauty. She's channeling Kendrick Lamar with her country-tinged spoken word. In a haunting voice, she talks about how mundane the music industry has become. "Soul not for sale."


Bey walks into a house of sexual deviants and misfits and plays out her own twisted fantasies. It's reminiscent of American Horror Story: Coven. Dark and sexy.

Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z) A Jay and Bey video collab was long overdue and the power couple did not disappoint. In this drank-fueled song, Bey is feeling the juices and is down for whatever with her "baby daddy," even if it means getting dirty in the kitchen. Hov is far from shy when he talks about slipping panties to the side. Drunk, ratchet and in luv.

Blow Blow is a funky sweet track that will make you want to replay B'Day. It's classic Bey.

Yoncé This tongue-in-cheek song features models Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls. I love it when Beyoncé gets cocky!


In my very first post, I was against her doing anything in the back of a limo, but Partition has me thinking otherwise. Bey talks about getting handsy with her man in the back of a limo, on their way to the club. "He like to call me peaches when we get this nasty," she insists.

Rocket If Dance 4 U gave you life, Rocket will resurrect you from the dead! This sultry ballad samples D'Angelo's Untitled.

Mine (feat. Drake) This emo track is right up Drake's alley. Beyoncé laments over a flailing relationship when she admits, to “not feeling like [her]self since the baby.”

***Flawless You've heard this single before under the title "Bow Down." Fully mastered, the song is brilliant. Beyoncé adds a voiceover from writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who discusses the double standard women face. I'm gonna give a side eye to Bey's attempt at feminism but...

Blue (feat. Blue Ivy Carter) This ode to her baby girl is sweet and is the most heartfelt song I've ever heard from Beyoncé. Blue has officially collaborated with two of the hottest artists in the game, before the age of two!

Grown Woman

This is hands-down my favorite track. It's a classic Bey anthem and I love the recreation of home videos with her BFF and former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland.