Winners and Losers of the 2013 AMAs

You may recall an earlier post where I compared me viewing award shows to an avid football fan watching the Superbowl. With plenty of plays and fumbles, Music Awards are just as exciting as any spectator sport. Last night’s AMAs had plenty of winners and a few losers. Here are my top 3 for both categories.


RiRi & The Infamous Dubie


The Diamonds singer received the Icons Award for her status as a pop idol. While the star was honored for her music, Twitter focused on Riri's 'do. The Bajan beauty appeared with her wrapped, as if she was still prepping for the evening. When she performed, the pop star kept her hair pinned up and dazzled it with a few decorative pearl pins, proving that she can get away with the even the largest fashion faux pas!

JT Playin' It Cool


The smooth pop singer got bluesy during his performance of "Drink You Away." Of course, his most entertaining moments came when he jumped on stage for both of his awards. Everything from his shared excitement with Taylor Swift to his impression of Rihanna's mom, was priceless! While the soul singer didn't mention his wife, Jessica Biel in either of his acceptance speeches, JT was cracking jokes the entire night.

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly's Oval Office Fling


We got a taste of this salacious duo during last week's SNL performance. Their chemistry was undeniable as they played into the idea of R. Kelly as the President and Gaga as his sexy secretary. Gaga was channeling Marilyn Monroe on the AMA stage and the Pied Piper was reliving his Trapped in the Closet saga. Her footage of a young Stefani Germanotta and vicious headlines about the pop star made the performance even more intriguing.


Miley & The Crying Kitten


It's official-- Miley has run out of ways to surprise us. Her performances have been ridiculous for a while now but this latest stunt was just a complete insult to our intelligence. When the space kitten cried diamonds during her shaky performance of "Wrecking Ball," I was officially over it.

Ciara's Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Career


Despite her beauty and crazy dance skills, the R&B singer hasn't managed to create a solid piece of work since her debut release, Goodies. At 28, it seems Ciara's days of dominating the charts are over. When Rihanna won the category for Female R&B artist, I wondered where exactly did Cici go wrong? It seems she's just short of "It." Honestly, she may be more focused on her future with her fiance, rapper "Future."

Lil' Mama's No Left-Eye


When I saw T-Boz and Chili grace the AMA stage with Lil' Mama, I was all for it. The rapper portrayed the late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes flawlessly during last month's TLC biopic. The dance moves were tight. It wasn't until Lil' Mama opened her mouth that I realized that the movie magic couldn't translate to live television.

What did you think of the AMA's? Do you agree with my choices for "Winners" and "Losers"?