Kanye's Bound 2

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If you haven’t seen Kanye West’s latest video, Bound 2, starring his fiancée Kim Kardashian… What are you doing? I’m kidding…. Probably something way more productive like catching up on episodes of Scandal.

He premiered it earlier today on The Ellen Show for an audience of moms. Since Ellen is known for her pranks, I honestly thought the video was a hoax for the first thirty seconds. Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Bound 2 is basically a montage of horses, Kanye reliving his awkward dance moves from his VMA performance, and  Kim Kardashian humping a motorcycle, all while generic nature shots play in the background.  Bound 2 has all the makings of a mall music video.

Sadly, a part of me wants to like this. I enjoy the song-- especially the chorus sung by Charlie Wilson (who did not appear in the video). As always, Kanye's lyrics are the realest. (There are tons of women who shop in Forever 21 who are well into their thirties.) Besides that, his video girl looks flawless. (This second attempt at blonde is really working for Kim. Add her new mommy glow to the mix, and she looks even hotter.)

What bothers me even more than the cheap, unfinished feel of this video is "Kimye." Although I like Kanye and Kim as separate identities, I can’t get behind them as a couple. I’m feeling a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes vibe from them and I’m not so sure that their spilt will be as amicable.

When the video ended, Yeezy sat next to Ellen, beaming about his latest project. I’m not sure that pride was warranted. North West’s Mom and Dad don’t need to show their love to the camera. Kim’s presence is messing with the integrity of Kanye’s work. And honestly, his sense of self-importance makes this video even more ridiculous.