The Status of POP-Culture

miley-lady-gaga-katy-perry_gallery_primaryMaybe it’s the never-ending Miley madness, or the hype over the reincarnation of Britney Jean but I’m pumped about the future of pop music and female performers. It’s exciting to see older artists reinvent themselves as newer artists emerge with a fresh voice. However, as pop divas throw subliminals in interviews (Katy Perry & Lorde) or strip for photo shoots and performances (Miley & Gaga), I’d like to focus on the music. Because as much as I love the drama, sometimes a girl just wants to get in the zone-- whether at the gym, in the car or in her bedroom -- and jam to the latest! With that in mind, consider this post your official study guide to Pop music of Fall 2013. Note, I may have left out some fan favorites but this is Mayism 101 so … hush!

Goal: To be immersed in pop music dominated by kick-ass female artists. (This may lead to extensive surfing on Rdio, Spotify or Youtube. All are encouraged.)

Assigned Music:

Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus: While her name is still on the tips of everyone’s tounges, Miley announced a new world tour this past weekend. She’s also on the cover of the December issue of Cosmoplitan (on stands Nov. 7). "Do My Thang" is a single from her latest studio effort Bangerz. The spiraling beat is hypnotic and the chants in the background are haunting in the best way. Plus we get to hear the former Disney star rap; it's the musical equivalent of her twerking.

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Katy Perry: The 29-year old pop star recently celebrated her birthday & released her third pop record. Prism is a blend of microwaved Teenage Dream hits & ballads about John Mayer. Homegirl is all over the place with this one but there are a few gems on the album and "Legendary Lovers" is one of them. The way she pronounces "legendary" makes me think of Barney in HIMYM. But seriously, who knew love and lust could be such a religious experience?

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Lady Gaga- The cover girl for Glamour’s holiday issue has the music world buzzing over ARTPOP (out 11/11). Gaga released her new single “Venus” last week but I'm still fixated on "Do What You Want," featuring R. Kelly. Whoever got these two to collaborate is a genius.

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Suggested Music:

Taylor Swift: A top nominee for the American Country Awards, T. Swift is definitely America’s sweetheart. Her latest single, “Sweeter than Fiction” is pure 80’s pop. The flirty track is off the soundtrack of the film One Chance.

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Lorde: This singer reminds me of a young(er) Lena Del Ray with her sultry cool ballads dipped in angst and irony. Still, her low-key yet powerful vocals are all her own. The self-proclaimed feminist hailing from New Zealand seems far beyond her sixteen years.

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Ariana Grande: This Nickelodeon star has won me over completely. Her music is sweet confectionary. The nineties hip hop flavor with a do-wop twist on Yours Truly, puts her in a class above the typical teeny-bopper. Plus, the girl has pipes to compete with the likes of Mariah or Whitney.

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Extra Credit:


Haim: These LA sisters have a cool Cali vibe and their sound reminds me of Jesse Ware & Sade. Their music sounds like the soundtrack to Forever 21. I'm pretty sure these girls have enticed me to pick up a $12.80 jewel headband that I'll never wear.

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But Wait…. There’s More!

With these hot acts in mind, let’s not forget about the reigning Queen & Princess.

When she’s not busy photo-bombing fans during concerts, Beyoncé is working on her fifth solo album. Pharrell swears it’s almost done.

It’s only a matter of time before Rihanna comes out with her next album. The international pop star is known for churning out new albums annually and she’s past due!