Twerking Was Over Like, Yesterday

Rihanna VEVO

Yesterday Rihanna released a video for her Mike Will Made It produced track, Pour It Up and… I’m not impressed.

10581. The release of this video took forever. Footage was taped in May and due to “creative conflicts” with a would-be director, Pour It Up sat on the shelf for months. The actual song was hot when Unapologetic came out last November but now it just seems… done.

2. I hate it when artists make videos for songs that have played on the radio for months. But, if RiRi was going to go that route, I wanted something creative. Something that would make me say, “Wow, I’m glad she made a video for this."

3. Instead, we got exactly what was to be expected, based on the lyrics of the song: a bunch of strippers (and Rihanna) twerking and gyrating on poles, in chairs, against the wall and in water… (I’ll admit, the cheeks splashing in the water were a bit entertaining).  But even Rihanna didn’t seem to be that into it! I didn’t know someone could twerk reluctantly but, the pop star proved me wrong (1:05).

4. And did anybody else notice that the money was fake? This video just seemed so cheap and cheesy, I’m half hoping that it’s a satire.

5. The Navy will hate me for putting this out there but could Rihanna be losing her “Wow” factor? Her once outrageous Instagram pics are becoming the norm, and with Miley providing us with our daily dose of crazy, Rihanna just seems kind of well… boring.

But hey, whatevs…  her spread in Glamour’s November issue is hot and fans can catch her insane fashion on her new competition reality show, Styled To Rock on Bravo airing October 25.