Is Drake the Voice of Millennials?


Universal Truth: You will always love the music that was playing when you started getting laid. (Well put, Chris Rock.)

I’ve been listening to Drake since ‘07, when I first heard Replacement Girl; back when he was still Jimmy on Degrassi and Trey Songz was still wearing those tired cornrows. To this day, when I hear his songs, I go back to the time of Limewire, when I’d listen to tracks on my mp3 (not to be confused with the iPod), talk to my girlfriends on the house phone for hours, and pine over boys who only wanted one thing.

Where was I? Oh, yes… Drake. His songs were of a new breed. No one was rapping and singing, blending Hip-Hop and R&B so effortlessly without it being a collaboration. His flow was seamless. His lyrics were my truth. And even when they weren’t, they were. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting too deep… yet I always wondered, who are all these girls that he’s talking about in those weed-fueled, angst songs? There’s no way he could have this many messed up relationships with women but then I realize that it’s totally plausible and most likely true.

I believe that part of the reason I like Drake so much, is because I secretly hope that all of my exes have brooded over losing me in the same way... Only they couldn’t articulate it as well as Drake. I’m kidding. Sort of. Okay, I’m not. I’m a complete narcissist.

I find all the jokes about Drake’s sensitivity to be hilarious but it's true. Drake is that artist millenials listen to when they want to feel deep, nostalgic, like they’ve lived through something… He’s embraced this notion, comparing himself to Marvin Gaye in recent interviews. I don’t have the time or extensive knowledge of Gaye to back him on that but, Drake is a musical genius in his own right. In his latest single “Wu-Tang Forever” (um… why?), Drake does what he does best; go back to old flings for pillow-talk and reassurance.

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I feel you, Drizzy.

Nothing Was the Same is out September 24.