2013 VMA Recap


The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards just wrapped up and I have a lot to say about the shindig. Unlike the VMA attendees who look disinterested as they chat with their friends (Rihanna) or play on their iPhones (Drake), I live for the VMAs each year.  It is seriously my version of the Super Bowl.  Here are a lists of observations I made as the evening unfolded.


Lady Gaga’s red carpet look was shockingly tame.  Maybe her new way to “Wow” us is to not emerge from an egg or show up covered in raw meat.  She made up for it her during her opening performance at the Awards Show… I counted 3 outfit changes, and 3 wig swaps.  Impressive Gaga, although not the amazing performance you promised us.  She committed to the seashell bikini for the entire evening, though.

article-miley1-0825 Teddy bears, tongue, and twerkin' in less than 30 seconds on stage.  Go ‘head Miley! She is channeling 90’s punk with her cool new 'do but her performance with Robin Thicke was bordering on creepy.  I know homegirl is 21 but as I watched her butt-cheeks slipping out of her nude panties, I had flashbacks to her Hannah Montana days.


Danity Kane made an appearance followed by a lackluster announcement of their return to entertainment.  The Making the Band girl group is back with a new single!  The question is, will music fans of 2013 care?

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.55.14 PM

Kanye’s "Blood On the Leaves" was emotional.  No, seriously… All that random dancing… I think he was really upset about something.


NSYNC reunited after more than ten years!  The reunion lasted a mere thirty seconds but I'm not complaining.  JT was on stage for over ten minutes singing some of his greatest hits but I know some diehard N' Sync fans were p i s s e d.  JT was all cool about it though.  He was like, "NSYNC, everybody," then the guys disappeared into the ground, not unlike Destiny's Child at the Superbowl.  Of course Kevin Hart had to speak up about the guys' stage time.  I cracked up when he said the guys looked out of breath and that Joey farted on stage.


With Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop, Katy Perry performed her latest hit "Roar."   Her dancing was bleh… I guess that was why she jump-roped for thirty seconds.

All in all, the night was okay.  With no one bum-rushing the stage, kissing someone of the same gender, or revealing a baby bump, I didn't have any true "OMG!" moments.  But, there is always next year.  'Til my next post...