Nick Cannon Reaches Out to Amanda Bynes


On July 31, Nick Cannon penned a surprisingly serious and sincere letter to Amanda Bynes and posted the message to his website. Cannon and the 27-year-old actress met during their days on the nineties Nickelodeon hit, All That.   Since leaving the show, Cannon has become an exec at Nick, hosted America’s Got Talent, produced MTV2’s Wild N’ Out, and married pop idol Mariah Carey.


Nick's former co-star took on the silver screen post-Nickelodeon and seemed destined to avoid the child-star syndrome.  However, in recent years, Amanda Bynes has been on a downward spiral.  In 2012 after being arrested for a DUI, Bynes tweeted the president for leniency. Later that year, her lawyer and agent dropped her.  Still, 2013 has proven to be Bynes’ worst year, yet.  Her bizarre rants, pictures and videos posted on Twitter initially seemed humorous, but as the months have progressed, seem more sad than share-worthy.  The star has come a long way from her fresh-faced, bubbly, What I Like About You days.  It's been speculated that she is mentally unstable and may have bipolar disorder and/or a drug problem. She is now on involuntary psychiatric hold.

Everyone has an opinion on her situation-- talk show hosts, newscasters, medical professionals, and even other celebs.  Most make jokes about it, or reprimand the former child star, but Nick Cannon’s approach seems the most genuine.

In the letter, he calls Bynes his sister and gives the public a little insight when he states:

Imagine being the breadwinner in your household before you can even drive. Imagine you parents, teachers, and employers NEVER telling you NO. Anything you ask for or want, the world gives you, at some point you are bound to self-destruct.

Here’s to hoping that Bynes will take Cannon up on his offer to “lean on him.”  To see such a smart, beautiful young actress fall prey to fame is heart-breaking. Some may question Cannon’s true intent, since he put the message up for the world to see but I believe that if more stars reached out to celebs who are publicly going through a hard time, we wouldn’t have tragedies like the recent death of Corey Monteith.  The same applies to us regular folks.  Everyone needs a support system.

All my 90's babies remember Bynes as Ask Ashley! Nickelodeon