The Insane Amount of Coverage Surrounding Kate Middleton Giving Birth


It pains me to report this, but I feel like it is my journalistic obligation. Prince William and Duchess Kate had their royal baby boy yesterday.  I would go into detail, but something tells me you already know precisely when the future king of Britain was born, what Prince William’s initial statement to the press was, what celebs have congratulated the royal couple via Twitter, and so on.  I’m sure you’ve seen at least one picture of what the baby will presumably look like from one of those genetic mesh-ups floating around the Internet.  In fact, I’ve already read an article discussing what Kate’s “post-baby workout regime” will be!

Enough! Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this one? Maybe it’s jealousy.  Not only will this kid be abundantly rich and famous, but he’s royal. I mean, how lucky can you get?  It could also be the fact that William and Kate’s love story is too picture-perfect and boring to catch my drama-craving attention.

Call me a hater but, it annoys me that America is being so nosy about the whole thing.  Did the press across the pond give this much coverage to Jessica Simpson or Kim K's pregnancy?  Poor Penelope Cruz had a baby girl yesterday.  How many news reports did she get?

A few weeks back, an E! News correspondent reported that Blue Ivy Carter was the twenty-third cousin twice removed of the newest royal.  How fascinating.  I love celebrity news… more than the average human being, but some things really make me wonder, “Who cares?”  I’m sure some of you say that when I mention Beyoncé in almost every post on this site.  Let’s let bygones be bygones.  Shall we?