This Is Why I Love Beyoncé

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You’ve heard me gripe before about Beyoncé’s lack of new music.  While she hasn’t yet released any new tracks from her highly anticipated and still untitled fifth album, she debuted a live performance of “Bow Down” for a Houston, Texas audience on Monday night.  The H-Town singer gave her hometown plenty of fierceness, as she delivered the infamous line, “Bow down, bitches!” (Side note: While every feminist bone in my body tells me this is so wrong, I can't convince my ears or my heart!)

However, it wasn’t the actual performance that had me hyped, but the introduction that flashed across the screen before Bey took the stage. A range of rumors about the singer rung through the stadium including:

“Why she always wearin’ those tired leotards?”

“She bald headed, that’s why she always wear those damn weaves.”

“You know she’s lyin’—she was never pregnant with that baby.”

I love, love, L O V E that she addressed the haters in a way that only Mrs. Carter can.  And of course, she looked amazing while doing it!  I only wish Beyoncé had included a line about her relationship with her dad, but maybe that one hit too close to home.

I hope she keeps “Bow Down” on the roster for the rest of her tour dates, so we can get a better video of the performance.  Until then, check out a fan’s video below that has circulated the web!  Below that, is a silent teaser for the single... perhaps a video is in the works?  I'm not sure but I think it's pretty late in the game to push a single that came out in February.  What's going on Beyoncé?