The Art of Female Conversation


Confession: I’m 21 and watch The View… Is that weird? Every weekday at 11 AM, my DVR is set to ABC’s morning talk show hosted by Barbara Walters. It started off innocently enough. My grandma and I are roomies so I would find myself casually watching the show while I completed assignments on my MacBook at the dinner table. Soon it evolved from me half-watching while writing an English paper, to me having breakdowns when a recorded show turned out to be a re-run.

There’s something about watching a group of women (in their late thirties to early eighties) sitting at a table, talking about stuff, that piques my interest. I think it stems from my nosy nature. When I was a kid, I was quiet but super-observant. I loved to sit in on “adult conversations” until my mother would shoo me away.

Now that I’m older, I still enjoy the art of female conversation. Yes, I called it an art. If you can keep an audience captivated for an hour while discussing things like menopause and murder trials, you are an artist in my eyes.  To get the perspective of women who have been there and done that, is fascinating and as corny as it sounds-- enlightening.

So, today was Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s last day at The View. The news broke on social media just last night and today, she’s gone. If it had been any other member of the cast, I would have been offended but honestly, no one needs to be weaned from Hasselbeck. Despite her decade run on the show, her in-your-face right-winged commentary annoyed me. However, I wish her all the best on her new stint this fall on Fox & Friends, where she will definitely be at home.

In recent years, my love for The View has stemmed into an equal appreciation for CBS’ The Talk. With a slightly younger and more diverse target age group, the ladies at The Talk, steer clear of heated political debates and focus more on light-hearted news centered around celebrities and entertainment.

But both The View and The Talk will have new competition when FOX’s The Real debuts this Monday on July 15. The cast of The Real will include reality star Tamar Braxton and actress Tamera Mowry! While the show hasn’t received much hype, I am all ears. This is totally for the twenty-somethings like me, who have yet to find 9-5’s and crave pop culture news from a young, woman of color perspective.  Comedian and co-host, Loni Love promises that they’ll discuss everything from sex and relationships to food and celebrities.   I’m excited and hope that this summer teaser will lead to a new talk show on my must-see list.  The View better watch out because The Talk’s about to get Real! (See what I just did there?) Check out a sneak peek below!