Not All Catfish Are Bad


Tonight, MTV’s Catfish returned with Nev, Max, and their trusty Google Image Search. For those of you who didn’t tune into season one of the reality show, “catfishing” is the act of pretending to be someone you are not online.  The season premiere had its twists and turns and I’m actually quite disturbed by whom the “Catfish” turned out to be.  Let me start from the beginning.

Cassie, a beautiful, educated young woman has a two and a half year online relationship with “Steve,” a guy she has never actually met.  All of the red flags are there: she only has a handful of photos of him, they’ve never video-chatted, and he claims to be an up-and-coming Atlanta rapper, stage-named S-Killa.  The irony of the situation is that Cassie actually works at Power 96, a popular radio station in Miami. You would think that someone involved in the media industry, would be suspicious of an amateur rapper trying to get close.  Instead, Cassie proposes to “Steve,” claiming that he was the one who brought her out of depression when her father died! Although I would question the sincerity of people who seek the show’s help, Nev, a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic,” believes that these individuals are blinded by what they perceive to be love.  It scares me to think that people are actually that naïve.  And are they really incapable of Googling someone to verify that they are who they say are?

Well, it turns out that “Steve” was actually her best friend, Gladys!  Gladys witnessed Cassie’s downward spiral after losing her father, and didn’t know how else to get through to her.  While I want to believe that she did it with the best of intentions, I can’t imagine going to such an extent to make my friend “happy.”  The fact that she could carry on the charade for over two years is remarkably cruel.  She even involved her cousin, who had phone sex with Cassie!  Enraged, humiliated, and heart-broken, Cassie forgives Gladys but admits that their friendship will never be the same.  Despite her pain, Cassie realizes that her relationship with “Steve” has taken her out of a dark space.  So, I guess all is fair in love and this episode of Catfish?

Cassie (left) & Gladys discussing the aftermath of "Steve"

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