CBS' Under the Dome


So, this summer my goal is to become a more enlightened version of myself.  That means eating better, reading more novels, and expanding my tastes in television shows.  While I love a good drama, action and sci-fi usually rank low on my lists of must-sees.  Tonight, I stumbled on the new CBS show Under the Dome, based on a Stephen King novel.  Produced by Steven Spielberg, the show centers on Chester Mill, the “any-town” that gets cut off from the rest of world by a massive, transparent dome.  No one can leave and no one can enter.  Power is in limited supply, residents who were out of town have no way to get to their families, and the police force has some dark secrets that have yet to be revealed… All of this makes me wonder, if I were a Chester Mill resident, would I have a nervous break down within five minutes or ten?  Some key players include a clueless journalist, a ruggedly handsome yet mysterious drifter, and an interracial lesbian couple.  I’ll commit to watching at least two more episodes-- you should too.

under_the_dome_0Check out CBS’ Under the Dome on Monday nights at 10 PM EST.