Miley's 'Bout That Life

I’m not really sure what “that life” is but, she’s definitely serving it to us in her new video “We Can’t Stop,” the first from her forthcoming album due this Fall. Besides the blatant ad placements of the Beats’ Pink Pill and Eos (my fave lip balm), I’m loving the chill vibe of this video.

Diane Martel

With her bright red lips and cat eye shades, Miley is giving us Hollywood Realness. But, it wouldn’t be a Miley Cyrus video without plenty of twerking and flirtatious contact with both guys and girls.  Over the years, the former Disney Star has shed her Hannah Montana image, as well as her hair.  Despite the constant speculation over the status of her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, and the media’s negative depiction of her life choices, I’m digging the grown up Miley.  She’s young and living life and that’s exactly what this video depicts.  I’m not saying  the song is a masterpiece BUT her rendition of Doug E. Fresh’s “La Di Da Di” in the chorus, is so playful, I don’t know how anyone could hate on the track.  Plus, that skeleton made of fries is pretty awesome!