Body-Bashing Kim K


Duchess Kate Middleton made her last media appearance before she gives birth to the next member of the royal family. While the world celebrates her baby bump and chic pregnancy looks, I can’t help but wonder why reality princess Kim Kardashian, a fellow mom-to-be, is receiving so much hate. I know, I know… She’s famous, rich, and beautiful… Her life can’t be that bad.   After all, her claim to initial fame was her friendship to Paris Hilton and her infamous sex-tape with R&B singer, Ray-J. The media has scrutinized Kim’s personal life for years.  Whether discussing her love life or the dynamics of her family, it’s clear that Kim is the celebrity that everyone loves to hate.  Her boyfriend, Kanye isn’t exactly America’s sweetheart either.

While I have never been an advocate for the Kardashian/ Jenner clan or the way they have shamelessly promoted themselves in the past, enough is enough.  Ever since the announcement of her pregnancy this past winter, Kim Kardashian has been the victim of body-bashing.  The comments I’ve heard and read across blogs, television programs, and magazines make me grateful that I’m not famous, let alone eight-months pregnant with millions of people analyzing my swollen ankles!

Call me naive, but I thought pregnant women were off limits.  The scrutiny that women and their bodies undergo is appalling.  The hate that Kim K has been receiving is just an ugly reminder that we still have a long way to go when it comes to body image and the way that we evaluate women in America.  Before her pregnancy, the Kardashian was a sex symbol; her curves were celebrated.  Now that those curves have become maternal, it’s suddenly okay to call her fat and compare her body to a couch?

What shocks me more than anything, is that throughout her pregnancy, Kim has actually looked beautiful and healthy.  It’s no wonder that Khloe Kardashian Odom came to her big sis’ defense last month, in a personal letter to Kim, calling her haters “true scum.”

Do I need to pull a Chris Crocker and make a “Leave Kim Alone” video?

UPDATE: TMZ reported that Kim Kardashian welcomed a baby girl into the world today (June 15, 2013)!