“Turnt” All the Way Down


It is only appropriate that my first real post on Mayism be about no one other than the leotard-wearing, Pepsi-slinging, icon that is Beyoncé.  While I, and the rest of the Beyhive await official news on the release of her elusive fifth album, we scramble to catch any crumbs the Queen Bey throws our way.  The newly released single “Turnt” from The-Dream's new album, IV Play, appears to be another unsatisfying morsel.  Listen below.


The whiny synthesized beat and auto tuned vocals of The-Dream, makes me yearn for another fiery female empowering “Single Ladies”-esque anthem.   Instead, listeners get a lukewarm Mrs. Carter urging her man to “beat it up” until she “black[s] out.”  Really, Bey? Reminiscent of her hype track, “Bow Down” released in March of this year, Beyoncé is channeling Rihanna, and all of her edgy badass-ness that only works for… Rihanna.  Plus, her reference to Angelina Jolie’s long-forgotten marriage to Billie Bob just seems wrong.  The track also features a forgettable verse from rapper, 2 Chainz.

I get it; Beyoncé is testing the creative waters and keeping fans on their toes.  Don’t get me wrong; I love my Beyoncé with a side of controversy.  Her “Any questions?” moment at the Superbowl Press Conference was classic! But stick to the “Grown Woman” role, and keep it classy Mrs. Carter!  Leave “ratchet” back-of-the-limo propositions to people with less star power.